The new Florida Gulf Coast University Innovation Hub will be the center for real solutions to the world's growing need for innovations in energy.

The vision for the new Florida Gulf Coast University Innovation Hub is simple. Be the world's next great research park. The Innovation Hub is a private and public partnership dedicated to sustainability and renewable energy research.

The I-HUB will be a state-of-the-art facility located on 241 acres adjacent to the Southwest Florida International Airport. It will include new facilities and shared resources for incubating new technologies and future-based companies, and be home to corporations committed to sustainability with support from a robust academic and technology community. The I-HUB will bring together renewable energy research and applied science, and focus its studies on solar, wind, biotech and green technologies—or any others—that show promise as energy producers.

FUTURE FACT: The entire I-HUB campus will be powered by (renewable) solar energy generated on-site.

"Our hope is that the I-HUB becomes home to vision, diversity of talent and spirit of collaboration that will guide the region and the entire state of Florida into the future."

John D. Backe Backe Foundation

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Focused on new energy ... and the opportunity that comes with it.

There's no better time to focus on new sources of renewable energy. And no better time for you to relocate your business to Southwest Florida. Taxes are low. The cost of living is attractive (doing business here is nearly half of the cost of The Silicon Valley), and there is grant money available to help you make the transition.

"The aim is to create the world's next great university research park ... along the lines of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. I-HUB is a perfect point of entry for new companies who see the growth potential of renewable energy, and a great option for established companies interested in the advantages of relocating to a region poised
for growth."

Rich Galvano, Principal, Galvano Development

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